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Volusia County Workforce & Training

Volusia County Workforce & Training

Site selection is about more than commercial real estate in Florida.
It's also about the people and the community. Volusia County's exceptional quality of life and beautiful environment attract people from across the nation and around the world who chose to live, learn and work here. Our colleges and universities continually offers dynamic training programs designed to reduce your costs and ensure your company has an able and productive workforce.

Colleges and Universities

Training resources



Quick Response Training Program (QRT):

A customized, flexible and employer-driven training program designed to assist new businesses and provide existing businesses training necessary for expansion. A variety of training methods may qualify and will be administered by Daytona State College (DSC).

Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT):

This program provides training to currently employed workers to keep Florida's workforce competitive in a global economy and retain existing businesses.

Employed Worker Training Program Funding Assistance Program (EWT):

Businesses and organizations benefit from this program, which helps employers fund training for existing employees to keep their firms and workers competitive. Contact CareerSource Florida for more information.

On-the-JobTraining Funding Assistance Program (OJT):

This program assists businesses and organizations in imparting skills and credentials to new employees. Once employees complete training per the terms of the Training Contract, the employer may be reimbursed 50 percent of the employees' wages for the approved training period. Contact CareerSource Florida for more information.

Volusia Young Professionals Group:

The mission of our local Volusia Young Professionals Group (VYPG) is to attract and retain young professional talent to our community. As part of this mission, the VYPG seeks to create a platform for young professionals to build relationships, develop professional skills and become active in our community.